Coming Home for the Holidays


A happy reunion between Army private and civilian girlfriend

KENNESAW-December16, 2016. This date may seem insignificant to most, but to Jasmine Veasley, 21, it was the long anticipated return date of her Army private boyfriend.

Her boyfriend, Sentron Jackson, 22, has been in the military almost four years, and after going through basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia, he trained as an electrician for some time at Fort Gordon in Augusta Georgia.

The pair met on a cold January morning last year, both of them invited to attend a movie together as part of a larger group of mutual friends. Initially, Veasley did not take much notice of the 5’6 Jackson.

“He was cute, but I didn’t really think much of him at the time,” Veasley said. “I was just at a movie with a group of friends, I never expected it.”

But Jackson immediately noticed her. As soon as the movie was over and Jackson returned home, he asked his friend to get him Veasley’s number; too shy to ask her for it himself. To Jackson’s delight, she passed her number over, and the two started texting almost every day.

Surprised at how much they had in common, Jackson and Veasley continued to talk for the rest of the January and decided to start officially dating. Unfortunately, before they could meet again in person, Jackson was stationed in South Korea for eight months.

During his eight-month deployment their love only grew, and they kept up communication as best as they could, texting and skyping almost every day.

In October, when Jackson was finally able to return to the United States, he was immediately sent to Fort Hood, Texas. Jackson’s next opportunity to see Veasley would be on his leave on December 16. Veasley eagerly awaited his return, happy to at least be in closer time zones.

When the day finally came, Jackson drove the 14 hours back from Texas by himself. Veasley was prepared to meet him at his house to spend the rest of the day together, but Jackson was understandably exhausted from several hours of driving. All he wanted to do upon his arrival was to see his girlfriend and go to sleep.

Veasley and Jackson were so excited and nervous to finally see each other again that they could hardly speak to each other.

“I was so nervous to see him again that I didn’t even know what to say,” Veasley said. “Most of our relationship at that point had been over the phone, so seeing him in person again was a little strange but really wonderful.”

It did not take long for them to warm back up to each other, and then it was just as if he had never left.

The next three weeks of Jacksons leave, he spent in between his parents’ house in Green County and Veasley’s apartment in Morgan County. He took her on a black tie date to the restaurant Aria in Buckhead, getting dressed up in their finest attire. They also managed to get out and go ice-skating at Atlantic Station on another date. They met each other’s parents on Christmas, spending half the day at each family’s house, and thankfully, they both made good impressions.

Although they were sad to part ways again, they had some peace of mind knowing Jackson has only five months of service left. Jackson returned to base on Jan. 6, and will end his enlistment in June, 2017. Jackson intends to go to trade school and become a mechanic, and until then, Veasley is anxiously awaiting his return.



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